An Update for Our Guests
We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with you! For the health and safety of all guests, please know that we're working closely with our vendors to react to our government's guidelines and implement best practices for our event. Visit our FAQ page for more detail, and be on the lookout for additional updates via email!
Courtney & Joshua




Courtney and Joshua

Our Story

On New Year's Eve 2012 while visiting friends at Georgia Tech's campus, Courtney was looking for just about any excuse to talk to this cute guy named Josh that she knew of through mutual friends. Courtney spotted a large random pile of Texas textbooks on the floor, and *smoothly* decided to strike up conversation about it. Josh and Courtney went on their first date that next March. And somehow, luckily, the rest is history.

Little did Courtney know that soon afterwards, Josh grabbed one of the books and kept it, thinking it just might mean something to them one day. Fast forward nearly six years to November 30, 2018 where Courtney received a call from her apartment's leasing office asking her to sign for a "package" which was actually this book and instructions that sent her on a nightlong scavenger hunt, ultimately ending up right back on Georgia Tech's campus where they met, with a proposal at their favorite view of the Atlanta skyline.

From the very start, Josh and Courtney's relationship has been founded on an inexplicably close friendship and love that has only grown stronger with each passing day. The couple has grown up through their 20s together, experiencing life's many ups and downs: graduations, new jobs, lost jobs, sickness, multiple apartment moves, grad school, running a small business, adopting a pet, a European vacation, countless car rides, grocery store trips, dinner dates, TV binge sessions, and everything in between. Josh and Courtney cannot be more excited for their next adventure as they become husband and wife, and are so excited for you to join them on their special day!
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