An Update for Our Guests
We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with you! For the health and safety of all guests, please know that we're working closely with our vendors to react to our government's guidelines and implement best practices for our event. Visit our FAQ page for more detail, and be on the lookout for additional updates via email!
Courtney & Joshua






Are you going to reschedule the wedding again?
No, we are moving forward with the wedding in August. We will do our absolute best to adhere to the guidelines and best practices for a safe event, and ask that each of our guests personally weigh the potential risks to make a decision that's best for their personal health and safety. While we could not be more excited to celebrate with all of our friends and family, we completely understand and respect if you decide not to attend.

What about capacity restrictions?
Our guest list falls within the capacity outlined by the state of Georgia for restaurants and event venues.

What safety measures will be in place?
Our venue is an outdoor, open-air event space with sprawling fields, so there will be plenty of space to spread out for those who choose to do so. We will be taking temperature checks of all guests prior to entry, and will be providing masks and hand sanitizer. Additionally, we will be working closely with our vendors to implement best practices for food serving, bar queuing, etc. We will have empty flex seating available should you choose to eat dinner away from your assigned table.

Are guests required to wear masks?
For the safety of all of our guests, as well as the added protection of an immediate family member with a pre-existing health condition, we kindly request that our guests wear a mask or face covering during our ceremony, especially if seated towards the front of the crowd.

Following the ceremony, we encourage guests to behave safely and responsibly while also enjoying themselves! Throughout the night, feel free to wear a mask, take some space, relocate your seat, leave early, etc. - whatever makes you feel most comfortable! Please note that we request masks be worn at all times while on the dance floor.

Above all, we ask that guests respect the boundaries of other guests to ensure everyone has the option to adhere to any degree of social-distancing measures they feel most comfortable with.


Will the ceremony and reception take place at the same venue?

What is the dress code for the wedding?
The dress code is cocktail attire.

Why do I have to arrive to the wedding venue by 4:45 if the ceremony doesn't start until 5?
A couple reasons. First, the venue is very spread apart so ample time must be allotted for walking from the parking area to the ceremony site. Second, the road that leads to the venue parking lot is in plain sight of the ceremony backdrop. Therefore, all traffic must be suspended prior to starting the ceremony processional to avoid disruption. We appreciate your understanding in advance!

Can I take pictures on my phone or camera during the event?
We ask that all of our guests refrain from using any phones or cameras throughout the ceremony! Our photographer will be covering everything, and the last thing we want is a bunch of cell phones in all of our ceremony pictures. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Feel free to whip out those phones during the reception ;)

Will the wedding be outdoors?
Yes, that's the plan! In the event of rain, the ceremony will be moved under a covered porch. Regardless of rain, the reception will be held under a tent for shade from the sun and/or rain cover.

And remember - there's a reason we originally chose to get married in May ;) It's going to be hot, but we will provide hand fans, and have some AC units on site. We appreciate your understanding!

How long will the reception last?
Our reception will last until 10:30 pm, at which time we'd love for our guests to join us for a festive send-off as we exit the venue as a married couple!


Can I bring a date/guest/kids?
We have accounted only for the guests who were included in the final RSVP count. We will be unable to add any additional guests/kids beyond those we've previously accounted for.

What if I have a dietary restriction?
Please let us know of any dietary restrictions at least one week in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


How do I get to the venue?
Please make sure that your GPS directions are taking you to the venue via the Jacksonville Road to Beech Creek Road route. Otherwise, there could be a 15-20 minute delay due to an unmaintained bridge.

If there's no Uber/Lyft from the venue, how do I get home??
Your options are to: (1) drive, (2) carpool with someone who is driving, (3) use the shuttle service to/from the Hampton Inn in Bremen (pick-up at 4 pm), or (4) coordinate a taxi in advance. Spanky's Taxi (404-561-7857) or West Georgia Taxi (770-834-7433) are two local options.

Is the venue close enough for me to commute from Atlanta?
For those that live in Atlanta, you are more than welcome to drive to/from the city. However, we want to make sure everyone has a safe ride home, so we encourage you to consider taking advantage of our shuttle service and local accommodation options!

What time will the shuttle service depart from the Hampton Inn in Bremen before the wedding?
Updated 7/26: One 25-passenger shuttle will be in operation. Shuttle pick-up from the hotel is at 4 pm.

What time will the shuttle service depart from the venue after the wedding?
The shuttle will depart following the send-off at 10:30 pm.

Welcome Gathering

NOTE: In an effort to ensure a safe environment for our guests, we have elected to cancel our indoor welcome gathering. Rest up and we will see everyone on Saturday instead!
Alethea and Ruth