An Update for Our Guests
We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with you! For the health and safety of all guests, please know that we're working closely with our vendors to react to our government's guidelines and implement best practices for our event. Visit our FAQ page for more detail, and be on the lookout for additional updates via email!
Courtney & Joshua




Wedding Party

Brittany Hoopes

Matron of Honor

Courtney could not be happier to have her older sister, Brittany, standing by her side as her matron of honor. Despite living across the country in Los Angeles, Brittany is always just a phone call or text away, with frequent sister vent sessions and even the occasional indulgence in hometown gossip. Ever since 2013, Brittany has embraced Joshua with open arms (and is even credited for introducing him to his strategy board game obsession!). Courtney and Josh so appreciate Brittany's willingness to lend sisterly advice, and cannot wait to have her play such a special role in their wedding.

Jordan Andrews


Courtney is so fortunate to have her future sister-in-law, Jordan, by her side as a bridesmaid. Since 2013, Courtney has had the opportunity to watch Jordan grow from a middle-schooler into a bright young woman pursuing her teaching degree at University of West Georgia (right down the street from the wedding venue!). With a seven year age gap, Jordan sure took on her fair share of Josh's sibling antics growing up, and Courtney couldn't be more excited to be gaining a new sister.

Jordan Shields


As a mutual friend of Josh/Courtney and responsible for their introduction, Jordan is the sole reason this wedding is even possible. Courtney and Jordan went to high school together and remained friends through college, where Jordan befriended Josh while attending Georgia Tech. Courtney and Josh knew that their wedding would not feel right without having her by their side as the wonderful friend who made this all possible. They so appreciate her long-lasting friendship, and are so excited to celebrate during the wedding weekend!

Elijah Bocz

Best Man

Having known Elijah since Josh's mother taught him in Kindergarten, the pair has been destined to be close friends since a young age. Josh and Elijah grew close in a piano class in high school when Josh was in his senior year and Elijah was in his freshman year. Ever since, the two have bonded over music/books/movies, attending regular science fiction/fantasy book club meetings, frequent game nights, and music listening sessions. Josh is excited to have his long-lasting friend serve as his best man on his wedding day.

Chase Lawrence


Following a chance meeting at an ultimate-frisbee-turned-Taco-Bell-hangout in Josh's senior year of high school, Josh and Chase have been close friends ever since. From designing Josh's initial record label logo to teaching Josh how to cook the perfect batch of collard greens, Chase has been an invaluable part of Josh's life over the past 10 years. Although Chase now lives in South Carolina, Josh and Chase still find ways to attend their favorite concerts together and hang out regularly. Josh is looking forward to having his great friend Chase by his side on his wedding day.

Clayton Ritcher


From their very first meeting in 2013 where they played Nintendo 64 Mario Party with Courtney, Josh knew that Clayton would be the perfect future brother-in-law. Over the years, Josh has loved getting to know Clayton, hanging out with him on numerous family trips, and sharing in countless laughs and inside jokes (e.g., Mr. T. Kins). Josh and Courtney could not be more excited to have Clayton as a groomsman, and are so happy to share their big day with him!

Caleb Turner


Josh and Courtney are so honored to have their wedding officiated by Caleb, who entered their lives in 2016 and has become family ever since. As Josh's sister's boyfriend, Caleb is always willing to lend a helping hand regardless of the situation (including bailing out Josh and Courtney on the side of a highway when their tire blew!) Josh and Courtney so appreciate Caleb's positive attitude, generosity, and humor, and are so excited to have his help bringing this wedding to life.
Alethea and Ruth